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Introducing Postkrypt—Oh My Land Frontman Announces New Christian Hip Hop Project

Debut single We Believe to drop February 17

Central Coast, CA – Fans of Central Coast indie rock band Oh My Land are undoubtedly scratching their heads as frontman Patrick Patton re-emerges with a new project, a new purpose, and a new name. Postkrypt is set to release his debut single, We Believe on February 17, 2023.

“Most of my songs have a personal aspect to them,” said Postkrypt. “I write what I live—so I intentionally chose to release this track first because it’s not about me at all. It’s all about Jesus from start to finish—the one to whom all authority under heaven and earth has been given to.”

Patton has toured in several Central Coast bands, including a nationwide tour with indie folk band Candle. While fans have been anticipating new music for some time, the jump from indie rock to Christian rap and hip hop may seem a bit unexpected.

“I’ve loved rap since the 90s,” said Postkrypt, “but was always turned off by the message. At some point I decided I didn’t care if I’m the only one out there, I’m gonna make some legit music that glorifies the Lord. I put some tracks down and started looking around at where to market and discovered a whole world of gospel rap and Christian Hip Hop that I’d been oblivious to. I started listening and it was like, ‘how have I been missing this for all these years?’ It’s like I found my tribe.”

Postkrypt produced the track himself, and mixed/mastered by grammy-nominated engineer Beau Vallis whose impressive credits include Beyoncé, Pharell Williams, Lil’ Wayne, Sean Paul, Ludacris, T-Pain, Timbaland, and Sia among other top-tier talent.

“I love it,” Vallis said when asked about the track. “I’m definitely looking forward to doing many more together and win, win, win in 2023!”

Postkrypt’s debut track We Believe hits hard with a positive and high energy beat and bars that batter against the rulers, authorities, and the cosmic powers over this present darkness. It’s a declaration of invulnerability in Christ who strengthens us, and a celebration of God’s promise to his people that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

“This track is a major flex,” said Postkrypt. “I don’t have any reason to boast in myself, but you better believe I boast in my God. I’m not here to make music. I’m here to declare war against the culture. I’m here to shake the gates of hell. When the Spirit of truth is in us, our words are deadly weapons.”

We Believe by Postkrypt is available to pre-save now, and will be released on February 17.

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