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Central Coast, California | Indie Rock Band


Our Love Is Dead

A mighty hunter stocks through the dark of the woods, tracking down what remains of those fierce and beautiful creatures that once inhabited the wilderness. He won't stop until every last one of them is wearing a suit, tie, and a well-fitted pair of slacks. Individuality, passion, and love have no place in these woods anymore. Such things are naught but fallacious novelties from an era that has since gone the way of the Thylacine.

The Mayflower Twins

Have you heard the story of the family across the street?  Oh, there were some tragedies, but I promise it ends happy.  Their mother was a teacher, their father a man of God.  I don't know how it happened, I suppose he pushed them too hard to set in motion a rebellion.  The three Mayflower children were just teenagers starving for attention, and I looked on as it unfolded...

If God Gave Me A Cannon...

Oh My Land is an eclectic folk band whose debut album, If God Gave Me a Cannon, dives into the playful imagination of six young musicians from California. The band plays effortlessly and the lyrics are clever. If you took away the music on the opening track, “Climbing Up a Tree to Get My Peach,” you’d be left with the simple melody of a nursery rhyme. Add the music back in and it brings fresh life to a simple tune. The lyrics on the opening track, as well as the rest of the album, are sharp and hit you with continuous memorable one-liners. On “Sell Out,” the group’s harmonic wit is in full force with lines like, “All we wanted was to create something that we could sell,” which is quickly followed by “If I sold out right now, I wouldn’t make a dime.” If God Gave Me A Cannon is an album full of songs that are based around the acoustic guitar and the ingenious lyrics that can at times outshine the music. If the album was nothing more than that – the guitar and the voice– I would be satisfied. But the rest of the group adds so much flavor that transforms these simple tunes into artistic expressions.

-Dan Evon, Performer Magazine

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